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Since National Dementia Carers’ Day launched we have received many wonderful stories from carers, sharing their ideas and experiences of supporting a loved one with dementia. Follow us on Twitter @Dementia_Carers and using #NDCD21 for regular updates, supporter messages and events that are taking place to mark National Dementia Carers Day (NDCD) – 12 September 2021.

A wonderful message from one of our founding organisations  Admiral Nurse  

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A message from one of our founding organisations, SweetTree Home Care Services

As an Admiral Nurse I have a tendency to say to my clients “you are the expert…not me”. Even with experience and knowledge how can we know what it is like to both live and care for some-one who has dementia.
We listen….we empathise and we learn the skill of understanding.
Understanding what it is like to see the changes in some-ones personality that you have known for 50 – 60 years, understanding how it feels when memories that have been a part of your lives are no longer there (or the memories are no longer relevant to the person with dementia), understanding how it feels when the person articulate and high functioning all their lives struggles with the simplest of tasks.
We teach our support workers to gain that understanding, but teaching is only part of this process. Sitting with a person with dementia or a carer and “listening” is the most powerful way of understanding.
Rikki, Admiral Nurse.

‘Keep a notebook’ is another heartfelt message from a ‪#‎NDCD2015‬ supporter. Available to read now on the NDCD website.

NDCD Hints & Tips:

Keep a notebook. There are many special moments on your journey through Dementia. Unfortunately dementia brings tears, frustration and emotional upsets but sometimes in the middle of it all comes an unexpected special moment. The loved one connects with you through the mist of dementia. They say thank you for everything by a loving smile, a gentle touch of fingers. They communicate special thanks even though speech has gone. The eyes often say it without words. The heart knows and you know that this is a very, very special moment.

Read Alyson’s story of support & others throughout the #NDCD2015 campaign on the NDCD website

NDCD Hints & Tips:

Four generations live in our home in Chester, my mum Alice, Father Harold, Daughter Mel, and Granddaughters Jessica and Aimee. Mel and I are carers for my parents and Jess and Aimee young carers. Mel is a dementia friend and I am a Dementia Champion. Alice is nearing the end of her dementia journey and as she has serious heart problems as well, every day is a series of special moments for us as a family, we not only all live well with Dementia we embrace it and learn something new every day. Holidays are not an option for us but we wanted to create a special place for us all to enjoy together, we had a small summerhouse put at the bottom of the garden which is our retreat, Mum thinks that we are going out every day to our house in the garden and she loves sitting and watching the birds and the cat rolling over in the sunshine. It is a lovely calm, safe environment where we can talk about life .It was Alice’s 85th Birthday in September, Mel decorated the summerhouse with birthday banners and balloons and we sat in there and had afternoon tea. Dementia has brought us closer as a family, we have all learned so much while dealing with the challenges it brings. Alice might not have the memory she once had but we make new memories every day, and those will stay with us for ever. Special moments create special memories.