About National Dementia Carers Day

National Dementia Carers Day 2023, Monday 12th September

NDCD has been founded by a coalition of partners including the Alzheimer’s Society and SweetTree Home Care Services. Each of the foundering organisations is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people living with dementia and the quality of life of those caring for a loved one living with the condition. The founders are aligned in the overall aim of raising awareness of and supporting the role of informal dementia carers.

Caring for a loved one with dementia poses many challenges for families and caregivers. Living with dementia requires having the right care, and it’s time to recognise and share what it means to be a carer.

Share We want to hear about the unique ways in which you, or a carer you know, supports someone living with dementia. All of the submissions that we receive will be read by representatives from SweetTree Home Care Services and may be shared as part of the NDCD campaign.

Recognise Are you planning on sending someone flowers? Cooking someone their favourite meal? Holding a dementia awareness event? We want to hear how you plan to recognise a dementia carer/s you know.

Support ‪Display the National Dementia Carers’ Day logo on your company website, notice board or event invitations. Email us here if you’d like the logo. Or simply use the hashtag #‎NDCD2022 when posting your messages of support on Facebook or Twitter.

What we hope to achieve…

  • Recognition for carers
  • Dementia awareness
  • Dementia friendly communities
  • Support the dementia challenge
  • Positive press
  • Empower people living with dementia
  • Transparency of care
  • Joint working and information sharing

For all press enquiries, please email laura.vaquero@sweettree.co.uk.