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National Dementia Carers Day 2023 – Live support on the day

Many people living with dementia rely on the love, support and care of family members, friends and unpaid carers. National Dementia Carers’ Day, founded by SweetTree Home Care Services and the Alzheimer’s Society was established to share, recognise, and support this crucial role.

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This coming 12th September is the eighth National Dementia Carers Day. It’s an occasion to recognise and appreciate the incredible efforts of family carers and devoted friends who selflessly support individuals with dementia living at home.

In every corner of society, there are countless unsung heroes who take on the role of family carers, devoted neighbors, and loyal friends to those living with dementia. Their actions go above and beyond, showcasing a blend of compassion, empathy, and strength that touches the hearts of those they care for. The dedication and tireless efforts of these caregivers bring hope and joy into the lives of those with dementia. They navigate the unpredictable challenges with patience and understanding, making a profound difference in the lives of those they support.

Through their unique and heartfelt care, these exceptional caregivers find a way to connect with individuals facing cognitive difficulties. They seem to have an innate intuition that transcends language barriers and brings comfort to those they care for.

The impact of their love and support extends far beyond the individuals themselves; it ripples through families and communities, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who witnesses their selflessness.

On this National Dementia Carers Day, let’s come together to celebrate and honor these remarkable souls. They often work behind the scenes, so it’s a great opportunity to recognize and thank them for all they do.As we appreciate these caregivers, let’s also remember the importance of supporting them with resources and understanding. Their work is invaluable, and we can all play a part in lifting them up.

We know there are thousands of remarkable family carers, neighbours and friends who selflessly bring a smile to the face of individuals living with dementia, demonstrating incredible care, patience and intuition to connect with them.  Let’s take inspiration from their stories of love and resilience as we navigate life’s challenges and rise together.

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